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George Washington Lopossa

Son of Jacob Lopossa and Rebecca Vivian Bevin or Beavin
Married to Edna Rebecca Matthew 19 Aug 1883 in Christian, Illinois.
Married to Mary Elizabeth Wolfe 24 Feb 1891 in Edinburg, Christian, Illinois.

Born: 2 April 1857 in Morgan, Indiana
Died: 30 January 1912 in Christian, Illinois

George was the second oldest son of Jacob and Rebecca.  He was born in Morgan county Indiana.

It is said he was baptized at the age of three on 10/30/1860 at the St. Joseph’s Catholic church in Bardstown, KY.  Rebecca’s (his mother’s) family was from that part of Kentucky.

At the age of about 21, George was living with Henry Bourn and worked as a farm laborer.  Henry lived in Morgan, Indiana which is where Jacob, George's father, lived.  Later he moved with several other extended family members to Christian county Illinois.

George's married his first wife, Edna Rebecca Mathews, on August 19, 1883 in Christian, Illinois.  They had three children, but only two, Frank and Pearl, lived.  Edna died on August 20, 1889 shortly after Pearl was born. 

He married Mary Elizabeth Wolfe on February 24, 1891 in Edinburg, Christian, Illinois.  They had seven children together; Harry, Roy, Lela, Merle, Gordon, Walter, and Kenneth.  They married in February of 1981 and had their first baby in November of that year.

We know little about the particulars of George’s life and dealings.  He was labeled a farmer or farm laborer in census records.

Died: 30 Jan 1912
George was killed by a gunshot wound inflicted by his son.  At the end of his life, George was a disagreeable man and often drank.  When he came home, he was unkind and mean to the family.  One time he told them all to leave the house.  His son, Roy, went to check on his father.  George chased his son with a butcher knife trying to kill him so Roy shot his father.

He died in South Fork, Christian, Illinois.  He was buried in the Universalist or New Walnut Hill Cemetery.

Joseph, Jemima, Eliza, John, Lida, Rachel, Milly, Sarah, Minnie, Charles

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