Sunday, December 18, 2011

Francillo Durfey Jr.

Son of Francillo Durfey Sr. and Cynthia Harrington Browne
1st marriage: Married to Margaret McQuary 1 December 1870 in Salt Lake City, UT.  Margaret died shortly after their first baby was born.
2nd marriage: Married to Sarah Ann Findlay 8 February 1877 in Salt Lake City, UT.  Sarah died in 1891.
3rd marriage: Married to Lucy Sylvinia Findlay 26 November 1884 in Logan, Cache, UT, while still married to Sarah.  Lucy died in 1916.
4th marriage: Married to Eleanor Ann Maybin 25 October 1917.  (They married after both had lost their spouses.  Francillo still had three children at home and she helped care for them until Francillo died.  She then moved to Salt Lake City to live with a daughter.)

Born: 1 February 1850 in Mound Fort, Ogden, Utah
Died: 13 August 1926 in Beaver Dam, Utah

  • Biography of Francillo Durfey Jr.
  • Letter to Bishop Francillo Durfey Jr. from Joseph Johnson

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