Sunday, November 6, 2011

Happy Birthday, Grandma!

Beth Durfey Smith
Daughter of Henry Oakley Durfey and Eva Vilate Jensen
Married to George Willis Smith 18 December 1943 in San Gabriel, California

Born: 6 November 1918 Beaver Dam, Utah
Died: 25 March 2005 Emmett, Idaho

Celebrate Grandma Smith's 93rd birthday by leaving a comment and sharing a favorite memory you have of her. Watching this video - with a few glimpses of her at the Ranch in 1987 - might help you remember a few of your favorite moments with her.


  1. Suzette and I were together this weekend and were talking about grandma's birthday. I think of her often--she was kind, patient and supportive. I feel grateful that she was my grandma.

  2. One thing I remember is that grandma would always buy us Honey Comb cereal to eat when we were visiting the ranch. I thought it was so great because we never had Honey Comb's at our house and it was such a treat that she would buy us this "special" cereal. To this day I can't eat Honey Comb's without thinking of her and the ranch.

  3. Grandma Beth. How loving she was to all of us. One memory is the first time we traveled to look at the ranch. Suzette was about one month old. Grandma was so concerned about Suzette and more so about me, the 'city girl', coming to a rustic place. She brought a special heater to put in the tent so Suzette wouldn't be cold (we had her way too bundled up). Because the road was washed out we had to camp on the side of the river until the guys could create a way for us to pass across. Once we were across, Grandma and Becky had to hurry to 'the cabin' and clean it up the best they could before I arrived. Thanks Grandma for loving all of us and making us welcome. Jan

  4. Thanks for having this special page for mom today. I have a book of her letters that I am putting together. I am going to ask Rochelle to put three of them on the blog. One of them relates the history of the writing of the legend, one is a story of her commitment to follow through on what she volunteered to do, and the last is her version of a reunion story. Thanks to her we all feel loved and have great momories of the Durfey Reunions.

  5. Happy birthday grandma!!' how lucky we all were to have her a part of our lives. I always felt loved and special to her. One memory I have is her visits to our home in Boise. She was such a good sport and would always have pillow fights with Kevin and me. She also always brought whoppers!

  6. Lisa Cox11/06/2011

    As I grow and raise a family of my own, my thoughts are often on Grandma. When my husband has been out of town and I have been very pregnant I think of how Grandpa was REALLY out of town. Grandma definitely worked hard and kept the faith.
    I also always think of her hands. She had bony hands with veins popping out. As a child I would wonder how they still worked looking like that. Now as I age my veins pop out a bit I am proud to look at my hands and think of Grandma--if I can love and be full of her charity, well that would be a very good thing.
    Happy Birthday Love, Lisa

  7. I will never forget the year that Cherie, Heather, and I drove to Zion with grandma and grandpa. We got to buy treats and have extra special stuff. Grandpa took his short cut over rickety bridges and Grandma was nervous and saying "George". We think they did these thing on purpose. I do miss her and think that it will be a great reunion one day. She always wanted us to be close and would fret if we had not kept up with the cousins and family.

  8. Wonderful video. Sorry to have missed it. We were in Guam serving in the Air Force in 1987...Rick