Thursday, March 10, 2011

Walter Campbell Lopossa

Son of George Washington Lopossa and Mary Elizabeth Wolfe
Married to Mary Theodora Wedemeyer 8 January 1933 in Long Beach, California

Born: 25 March 1905 Sharpsburg, Illinois
Died: 31 August 1966 Long Beach, California

Walter Campbell Lopossa

Walter was the sixth of seven children. He was raised in Illinois and only went to school until the 8th grade.

In his twenties, he moved to California. It was legend that he hopped the rails out west…but the family denied this and said they bought him a ticket.

Walter worked as a butcher and learned the trade. He then purchased the small grocery store where he had worked, Belmont Heights Market in Long Beach at 3500 E. Broadway, Long Beach, California. He met his wife, Mary, at the store. His future mother-in-law, who shopped at the store, introduced them. The couple married and had three children, Walter Gerald, Carol Lynne, and Janet Suzanne.

Walt as a younger man enjoyed dancing and was a long time member of the Kiwanis Club.

Walter was kind hearted and at times gave food to others for free. On occasions he would purchase items from an individual, so they would have money to sustain themselves. Walt worked hard to provide for his family. His children and other family members were given jobs at the store. He and Mary loved their children.

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