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Mary Theodora Wedemeyer Lopossa

Daughter of Fredrick Fuller Wedemeyer and Myrtle Josephine McCary

Married to Walter Campbell Lopossa 8 January 1933 in Long Beach, California Born: 10 May 1907 Dixon, Wyoming Died: 4 July 1968 Long Beach, California

Mary was the oldest of four children. She grew up in Wyoming and was best friends with a girl named Grace. When she was a teenager, the family moved to California where her father worked in real estate.

Approximately 1912-Bernice Wedemeyer (Mary's sister) and Mary Theodora Wedemeyer

She met her husband, Walter Lopossa, at the store where her mother shopped. In 1933 they were married and had three children. Walter Gerald (Jerry), Carol Lynne (Peachie), and Janet Suzanne (Susie).

Mary had taken bookkeeping/secretarial training in Los Angeles before they were married and used those skills once she and Walter purchased the grocery story. Mary stayed home with her children, but spent time doing the books for the store, Belmont Heights Market in Long Beach, California. Mary was thrifty and would bring home produce that was not salable and would make jams, jellies, and other items. In the evenings she would sometimes go to a sorority that she enjoyed.

1958 Walter and Mary Lopossa on their 25th wedding anniversary

After Walt passed away unexpectedly on August 31, 1966 of a heart attack, her daughter Janet returned from college in Utah and lived with her mother. Approximately a year after Walt's passing, Mary began having numbness in her right leg and developed problems walking. It was discovered that a brain tumor was the cause of these problems. Doctors operated on the tumor in early 1968, but it was too extensive to remove fully. Mary went into a care facility, which she did not like, for several months. She wanted to go home and would tell her son, Jerry, to put her hospital bed in his truck and take her home. The family was able to bring her home for a short time before she became worse and was taken to the hospital the end of June 1968. She was in a coma most of the time while in the hospital and made as comfortable as possible until her passing on July 4, 1968.

Mary was a hard worker. As mentioned above, she would work at home as a homemaker and mom, and work at the store with the books. Her daughter Janet remembers 10-15 freshly laundered and ironed long sleeve white shirts hanging in the entry to the living room. Mary would iron Walt's shirts often. As a butcher, he would wear a new while shirt under his apron each day to work. She also worked hard to help her legs improve. She brought a shopping cart home from the store and would walk around the neighborhood trying to strengthen her legs. One time she walked over 1 mile around a near by high school and nearly didn't make it home.

Mary believed in Jesus Christ and enjoyed attending varying religious churches in Long Beach.

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