Monday, March 21, 2011

Documents about Beth Durfey Smith

Daughter of Henry Oakley Durfey and Eva Vilate Jensen
Married to George Willis Smith 18 December 1943 in San Gabriel, California

Born: 6 November 1918 Beaver Dam, Utah
Died: 25 March 2005 Emmett, Idaho
  • A letter Beth wrote to her sister, Vie, in November 1939
  • A letter from George to Beth written in 1946 while George was away with the Navy
  • A song Beth wrote about moving to the Ranch in Oregon
  • Obituary for Beth published in the Messenger Index in Emmett, ID
  • Story written by Beth about how the family "legend" came to be
  • Story written by Beth about "George's Proclamation"
  • Story written by Beth about breaking her leg in 1962
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Beth Durfey Smith

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  1. It is so nice to have a little piece of grandma. Sometimes I just miss her--what a great person.