Thursday, March 10, 2011

Beth Durfey Smith

Daughter of Henry Oakley Durfey and Eva Vilate Jensen
Married to George Willis Smith 18 December 1943 in San Gabriel, California

Born: 6 November 1918 Beaver Dam, Utah
Died: 25 March 2005 Emmett, Idaho

Beth was the third of six daughters. She spent childhood days with her sisters and friends playing on the hill near her home in Beaver Dam, Utah. Her mother taught them songs and they loved singing together. Beth always loved music and even in her older years worked at learning the piano. In 1936, the fall after Beth graduated from high school, her mother died in a car accident. Beth felt a responsibility to help with her sisters at home and stayed at home for the next 2 1/2 years. However, when her father remarried in August 1939, Beth decided it was time to leave and went to McKay Dee’s Nursing school in Ogden, UT.
Beth graduated from nursing school in 1942 and continued to work at the McKay Dee Hospital for over a year. Then in 1943 she and a friend decided to join the Navy because they were calling for nurses to join the military. Beth felt her service in the military was a wonderful thing and always remembered it with pride. She met her husband, George Smith, in a Naval hospital in San Diego, California. He was a patient in the orthopedic ward and after a brief courtship they were married in December 1943. After the marriage, George went back to service on his ship and Beth left the military. She and George had six children and raised them all in Garden Grove, California. She was devoted to fulfilling her responsibilities in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. She served in the church in many capacities and had a deep faith in Jesus Christ.
1945 (Beth, George, Barrie)
When George retired, the couple to Oregon in 1974. They had always dreamed of having their own home in the country and worked over the next few years to build the ranch house. She loved family to come up and spend time with her in the outdoors and around the fire in the living room.
Beth and George moved to Emmett, Idaho, near some of their children, in 1994 because of health reasons. She enjoyed being close to family there. She passed away in 2005.

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